What to expect with the SecurlyHome 2.0.0 update?


SecurlyHome 2.0.0 brings some exciting updates, particularly for Hub by Securly users. If you are a Parent Portal user and manage your kids' devices from the SecurlyHome app you would see some great changes to the look and feel of the app, including a brand new homepage.  

Hub users can expect the following changes*:

  1. Filtering new devices is even more simple. Devices can stay connected to your Wifi router and still be filtered. No need to connect to the Hub hotspot anymore. Note: If any of your devices are connected to the Hub hotspot, please connect them to your home Wifi router. This shift will not impact filtering or the rules you had created.
  2. A new tab, Manage Devices, will be added to your menu. This tab lists all devices, both filtered and unfiltered, that are connected to your Hub. You can add devices to the Filtered Devices list by simply clicking the + sign next to the device. To remove a device from the Filtered list, click the - sign. Note: Any devices connected to the Hub hotspot will appear in the Unfiltered Devices list but will continue to be filtered. 


  1. A Pause Internet button has been added to your homepage. Simply click the pause sign to pause internet for all filtered devices. You can resume internet access by clicking the restart button. Note that you cannot pause internet on school-owned devices at this time. This functionality will be included in subsequent updates.


  1. You will now be notified via Push Notifications whenever a new device is detected on your network. You can tap the notification to directly go to your Manage Devices tab and include the new device in your Filtered Devices list if required. Note: iOS users will receive a notification requesting permission for sending these updates. Please make sure you allow it to start receiving notifications.

*Note that these changes require the Hub firmware to be updated to v2.0 as well. Securly will update your firmware automatically. If you do not see the changes when you update the SecurlyHome app, please contact us at parent-support@securly.com

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